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Come join us for our movie night Friday 26th May 4.30-6.30. 
Results from the questionnaire

Here we have the results from the parents questionnaires that we sent out to all the parents. Feel free to take a look at the results.


also incorporating

Family Time 

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OFSTED INSPECTOR has been and said we are GOOD, GOOD, GOOD and GOOD!

We are delighted with the outcome of our inspection, and very proud of all our children, staff and committee.

To the parents and our local childminders who took the time to speak to the inspector a very big thank you. Thank you to Tamsine Corline and Judith Watson for their comments about the staff and all aspects of the preschool, as it made a positive contribution to our inspection. When it was announced Ofsted were visiting we received overwhelming support from Reception Teachers and Rachel Hirst. Our Chairperson Simon Broom was an immense support preparing the setting and being on hand throughout, and meeting the inspector.

The inspection report is available to read on line – type in Ofsted Inspections and Starcross Preschool.

The report is also on display on the notice board.  If you require a printed copy please speak to Sarah or Tish.

Well Done!

More Visitors!

Life Cycles

As we discuss the topic of Spring our learning intention will focus on Understanding the World.   Learning about the life cycles of frogs, butterflies and chicks interests all the children. They will have the opportunity to visit the nature area to explore the pond area looking for Tadpoles and hopefully we will be able to incubate our own eggs. Watch this space!

The children will be making books on the different life cycles and looking at the sequence of events, and writing labels for their pictures. These activities incorporate learning opportunities for mathematics and literacy.

Please encourage your child to talk about the topics we are learning about in preschool. Your child could bring in something related to the topics we are discussing or talk about an experience they have had.

Wet and Windy Weather

Please ensure your child has the appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather, as we will be venturing outside regardless of weather conditions to visit the nature area which will be wet and muddy. We do have some spare wellington boots but if you wish to leave your child’s wellington boots here please make sure they are clearly named. We kindly request parents leave a spare set of clothes in their child’s pump bag for these activities.  


Library System

Please speak to your child’s keyperson to arrange to sign out and share a book at home with your child. The love of books is something we encourage in preschool as it plays such an important part in your child’s learning and development. Home Learning Opportunity – To share and discuss books and stories with your child you will be supporting them in learning how to take care of books and use them appropriately. They will learn how to listen with increasing attention and anticipate key events and phrases. Your child will learn to recognise familiar words and know that print carries meaning. 

Preparing for School – September Leavers   


We will be starting small group and paired visits to the school after Easter. We will be providing a photograph album of various areas of the school for the children to share in preschool and at home. This is to familiarise themselves with the school and the some of the people in it to aid transition. The children will also have the opportunity to have a school lunch visit, and closer to the time the school organise a presentation evening for the parents, and a party for the children.

We our very proud of the strong working partnership we have with Starcross School and in particular the Reception Teachers. We will keep you updated via our notice board and facebook page.


Home Learning


We are starting to send home more activities based on Mathematics and Literacy for those children preparing for school in September. After speaking to some of the parents we have decided that we will also send home a communication book with the activities. This is for parents and children to make small comments on the activities and their child’s learning opportunities. This will support their learning in the preschool and aid your child’s keyperson to plan for more learning opportunities. Working in partnership with parents is very important to us as you are your child’s first educator.  This information can then be included in the children’s learning journeys.     


Sports Relief

We are hoping to provide ‘Little Ruckers’ ( tag rugby)  sessions on the field and some parents have offered to come in and help with tennis and football activities. Watch this space!


                                                 FAMILY TIME –

Wednesdays 1-15 to 3-15pm  Cost £2.00 per family.  Refreshments and snack.


Planned Activity list :


24th Feb – Making musical instruments – children can play their instruments at singing time.

02 March – Mother’s Day flower handprint cards with a flower pot poem.

                   World book Day – Come in fancy dress.

                   Usborne books will be available on the day to buy.

09th March – Tunnels, tents and stepping stones.

16th March -  Messy Play

23rd March Chocolate nest cakes

        Bunny and chick paper plate masks

        Easter Egg Hunt


Each week there will be a soft play area and sensory baskets for babies to enjoy.