Important Parent Information

As from Wednesday 27th April 2016 our entry and exit procedure is changing for a trial period of 2 weeks.


We are reviewing the preschool security and safety procedures to ensure we have robust systems in place to keep all children as safe as possible while in preschool.


The main door to the preschool will remain locked until 9.00am.


At 9.00am the main door will be opened and children will be marked on the register by a member of staff as they enter the preschool.


To ensure the safery of your children we kindly request parents/ carers take their children into the setting and leave by the door leading on to the decking area. This door will be opened by a member of staff to allow parents/ carers to exit, while keeping children safe in the setting.


Also staff need to be available for the children to support their setting in, engaging them in activities and ensuring the children have the opportunity to start the preschool day as calmly as possible.


The managers will continue to be able to hold brief discussions with parents/ carers on arrival. However, we kindly request parents/ carers allow the staff to safely register and settle the children before engaging in a discussion. Parents/ carers can always arrange to meet at the end of a session or a pre-arranged date and time.


The gate system on to the premises is shared with the school. The school ensure all the gates to the grounds are closed/ locked once the school children are in school. Mrs Partridge kindly waits for our parents/ carers to leave by the 'Blue gate' before locking. This can sometimes be 10/15 minutes after the school children have gone in. After this time it requires a member of our staff to supervise parents/ carers on and off the premises.

Volunteering with your setting and how to get involved

Many Parents/carers enjoy volunteering at our setting.  You can choose to spend as much or as little time as you like.  Some of the things you can get involved in are:

  • Fundraising

  • Sharing your talents with the children (such as singing or cooking)

  • Mending toys and equipment

  • Sewing

  • Gardening

  • Helping out in the sessions

  • Helping out with trips and special occasions

  • Attending courses, conferences and The Pre-school Learning Alliance's AGM